How To Speed Up WordPress

Do you find that your WordPress Website Is Slow? If so then we are here to help you with our How To Speed Up WordPress 2018 Guide! Saving seconds in loading time can make a huge difference to your site visitors experience not to mention your traffic and rank. We are an impatient generation and want things now, we don’t want to wait and most of the time we won’t. Google reckons that a good loading time to aim for is below 5 seconds while an excellent time to aim for is below 3. Above the 5 second mark and you will start losing valuable trafficRead More →

WordPress Security

Security is a big thing these days, not least in the online world. WordPress is one of the most used CMS platforms in the world, currently, around 29% off ALL websites run on WordPress. It’s no surprise then that it is also a big shiny target for hackers and those wanting to breach its security. Sadly the more popular a platform to more of a target it becomes to those who have bad intentions. Your WordPress websites security is something that should be taken very seriously in 2018 and our security guide should help you. It’s no secret that online security is a chicken andRead More →

WordPress Maintenance Services UK

If you know WWM you know that we are dedicated to helping our customers business get online. You are excellent at what you do! And you shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining your WordPress website on a regular basis. That’s where we do what we are good at! Having a website for your business is a necessity these days and something not to be overlooked. Websites though need ongoing maintenance. Take buying a car for example, do you buy a car expecting it to take care of itself? Would you buy one and take no care of it hoping that it will continue to work?Read More →

On Page SEO

Achieve the perfect on-page SEO for your cleaning business website Having a website for your cleaning business is one thing, having it show up in search results is another. In this post, we want to help you improve the rank of your cleaning service website. On page SEO for your cleaning business website Thanks to the guys at Backlinko we have a great infographic to show you exactly what on-page SEO is and means. For many, the term SEO (Search engine optimization is total gibberish. Understanding the basics though will go a long way in improving your site layout, SEO appeal and ultimately your ranking. OfRead More →

Point WordPress Theme

Improve the speed and SEO of your WordPress website Why do you need a fast WordPress theme? It’s all about user experience, the faster your site runs the more visitors you will get, simples! If you have a theme or framework that is well coded and super fast loading, that will translate to a great user experience on your WordPress website. This will also have a positive knock-on effect on your SEO, yes website loading speed is a ranking factor! We have test 10 of the very best and fastest WordPress themes out there today. We have tested them on both Google Pagespeed insights and Pingdom,Read More →

Extra Hands Outdoor Cleaning

If you are looking for a new cleaning business website or your current one needs a refresh, here is some inspiration and tips to improve your cleaning business website appearance, reputation and search engine ranking. For many cleaning company owners, a website is often an afterthought. They focus on canvassing, dropping leaflets, social media promotion and door knocking. They may then throw together a basic site on a free service, bad idea! These are all good methods for gaining business but these days anyone looking for a cleaning service near them will do a google search and you want to be showing up in that search soRead More →

Chrome HTTPS

Google with the help of its web browser Chrome, is trying to kill HTTP! Way back in 2014 Google announced that they would be working to promote the use of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) over the standard HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Fast forward to today and they have been doing just that. Since January 2017 they have started making changes to their Chrome browser in the way that it displays secure and non-secure pages.   In basic terms, if you visit a site where you need to log in, add credit card details, make payments or share secure information then you probably know or haveRead More →

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a term used to ascertain the authority and trustworthiness of a domain. Domain authority is a ranking factor and is based on three main areas: Age, Popularity, and Size. Search engines like google evolve all the time and are always trying to provide the users with the best most relevant results that can be trusted. Every day there are thousands of new sites popping up on the internet, many of these don’t last for whatever reason. Domain Age Domain age is an indicator to Google and other search engines of trust because it proves the site has been around for some time. If the ownerRead More →

Local SEO

Top 30 citations sites for local SEO UK Citation Building Hold your horses, before you go spamming your link all over you might want to check out 8 SEO practices you should stop doing right now! The days of link building as we used to know it are far gone and actually, can damage your site and reputation. It’s not to say link building is dead, we just need to do it the proper way! Citations are a very important factor in local SEO and one not to be overlooked even if your link is not included. Citations, what are they? The folks at MOZ explain thisRead More →

WordPress 4.7.2 Security

Recently there has been a lot of chatter around the hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites hacked by vulnerabilities in versions 4.7.0 and 4.7.1. These security issues we marked as Severe by Sucuri. WordPress issued a security release pretty quickly in response that patches these vulnerabilities. You can read more about this here release note. Because you are a WordPress Website Management customer, you have no need to worry and no action is needed. We’ve got your back! Within hours of WordPress releasing the update, we already had it deployed across all of our hosted sites.  As always, thank you for using WWM to host and manageRead More →